To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter, we wanted to give you a workshop as magical and exciting as the books!

Join us and immerse yourself in Harry Potter Magic!


Workshop 1 (3.45pm and 5.45pm)

Concoct your own drinkable potion from an array of mystical ingredients. Will your potion give you everlasting luck? Or only speak the truth? Or better still, make someone fall in love with you?! Only the brave dare drink it!


Workshop 2 – (4.15pm & 6.15pm)

Stencil and gem your own magical, glowing lantern. Choose from the house colours – red (Gryffindor), green (Slytherin) , blue (Ravenclaw) or yellow (Hufflepuff), choose an array of Potter themed stencils, fill with a pinch of magic and an ever glowing candle.

Bedazzle your very own marbled dragon egg… make sure not to keep it too warm or it may just hatch!

Colour a Harry Potter bag to take your goodies home in.


1 workshop £10, or stay for the ultimate Harry Potter experience and do both workshops for £18 (parents get a whole 1.5 hours of peace!)


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